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The author is Miguel Angel Suarez. His friends call him Mickey.

Mickey was born in La Habana, Republica de Cuba. He came to the USA in 1942 to study at Miami Country Day School (as a resident student). In 1948, he attended prep school in Connecticut: The Choate School, graduating in 1952.

In 1957, Mickey obtained a “Doctor en Leyes” degree in Cuba. (In 1959 [after Castro], he came to the USA.) In 1964, he obtained a “Juris Doctor” degree (Cum Laude) from the University of Miami. Mickey practices law in Miami, Florida (USA). In 1964, he became a US Citizen. He is registered as an “Independent.” Thus, Dr. Mickey.

Mickey, in his profession, has written extensively (e.g., demand letters, emails, memorandums, complaints, legal motions, interrogatories, jury instructions, appellate briefs, etc.).

Mickey has authored several true short stories, political white papers, and diet health articles. He wrote a book titled: “Dr. Mickey On Atkins – The Mijas-Diet” in 2006. You can purchase the long version of the book [Digital or Print On Demand] from www.AuthorHouse.com.  Mickey did the diet health research, wrote the text, did the diet—lost 29 pounds—and edited the book. In 2007, he finished “EEZZ WRITING” – Red, White & Blue (School Version).

One of his favorite articles is titled: “China: A Country With A Smile.” He wrote that article in 1980 after returning from China. At the time, all the people were dressed in blue—a uniform of sorts. “But they were smiling,” wrote Mickey. The hordes of people were attracted to and were attentive to Polaroid pictures—Mickey handed many photographs to the people. Note: He was standing on the Great Wall when he heard on short wave radio that Governor Ronald W. Reagan (R) had been elected President of the USA.

Mickey also authored: “Elian: Son Of The Sea.” It is a white paper about the young Cuban boy who escaped death at sea trying to reach “freedom.” (Sadly, his Cuban mother drowned.) The Clinton Administration sent him back to Communist Cuba where he is a “pawn” of Castro.

Recently, Mickey wrote "PUNCTUATION - Red, White & Blue (Advanced Version)" and "LA MIGRA USA -La Verdad."
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