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“This eBook (short version) is an encyclopedia of healthy foods, wines, olive oils, vitamins and minerals, and exercises. I dedicated many hours to this effort. You will agree after reading the eBook. A friend of mine says, “Amazing! It is seven books in one.” Yes, this eBook is all you need to read to lose weight and gain better health (longevity).”

Dr. Mickey

This eBook

Dr. Mickey On Atkins – The Mijas-Diet is an eBook written to benefit overweight persons (worldwide). Its main objective is to educate a global audience on the principles of dieting (meaning, “eating correctly”). We must defeat obesity. To accomplish this goal, this eBook comments on the five diet books (copyrighted books) mentioned in the beautiful color-cover. It also features two other diet books: Living the Low Carb Life and Dine Out and Weigh Less (copyrighted books).  This diet will help you gain better health.


Mijas Diet

The “Trio-Of-Foods”

The foods you eat determine your weight and health (longevity). “The Mijas-Diet” is anchored on three major categories of healthy foods: (1) the best proteins, (2) low glycemic carbohydrates, and (3) “good fats.” If you properly combine these foods, you will control insulin secretion by the pancreas and increase fat busting glucagon. These foods—clearly listed in this eBook—are your best friends.


Chapter 1 // “The Mijas - Diet”

            Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates (The “Trio-Of-Foods”)

“The Mijas-Diet” is healthy because it (1) limits saturated fats … (2) avoids
trans-fatty acids; (3) permits “good carbs” … (4) recommends using olive oil … (5) eliminates toxic sugars… and (6) … allows  … wines….

My book is diet-health-informative; it is a guidebook through the maze of the other diets … I hope that my book is entertaining, not dry white toast. Alert White toast is a tablespoon of poison … My book is not technical or scientific—it is easy to read and to understand.

Stage 1 (Restrictive)

“The Mijas-Diet” has several stages. *Stage 1 is the most restrictive, but not difficult to do. Stay on Stage 1 as long as you need to lose substantial weight. The eBook tells you how to do Stage 1 (on “15g” and “20g” of “good carbs”). Guaranteed: You will lose weight and you will not have hunger pangs. ALERT On this stage there are some restrictions that you must observe—you must take vitamins and minerals, fish oil capsules, and fiber. (Read chapter 3.)

Stage 2 - 3 (Combined)

Dr. Mickey combined the two stages because it is easy to do if you follow the guidelines. In this stage (eating more healthy “veggies”) you will lose less weight than on Stage 1.

Stage 4 (A Regimen For Life)

Once you enter this maintenance stage, you should know what to eat and when to eat it. Key: You will have found (discovered) how many grams of “good carbs” you can eat daily to maintain weight—that is, so the lost pounds do not return.

Why The Special Price

****US $15.95**** (short version) is not such a large sum of money when your “weight loss” and “health” (longevity) are involved. Dr. Mickey states, “For health reasons (especially to control blood sugar and lower cholesterol), you should buy this instructive eBook. It is my contribution to global health. That is why the price is so low—I want to reach and help millions of overweight people. Profit is not the main purpose.” ALERT Live longer—eating the “trio-of-foods.” GOOD LUCK!

Red Wines

Red wines are your best choices—they are heart-healthy. Dr. Mickey drank red wines during the sixteen (16) months of his regimen (the experience time required to write this eBook). Dr. Mickey lost “29” pounds—truly revolutionary. All red wines contain two powerful elements that are very good for your health—(1) … and (2) … You must drink in moderation and only with the consent of your doctors. Always drink wine with …

You Need Fiber Supplements!

Dr. Mickey tells you which “fiber supplements” are the best. Dr. Mickey tells you when to take them (daily). Dr. Mickey tells you the recommendations of The South Beach Diet. Is “fiber” good for you? … Dr. Mickey tells you how it may benefit your health. Do you know its benefits? Dietary fiber helps prevent _________ and _________. So, take plenty of fiber supplements. ALERT Always consult your doctors.

Lean And Trimmed Meats

Do you know which diets permit “lean and trimmed meats”? What about red meats? Dr. Mickey tells you the “whole story.” You will become a surgeon if you eat meats, so buy a sharp knife (cuchillo). ALERT Dr. …’s special regimen permits “lean and trimmed meats” (no red meats, no … ) Can you guess the other eminent doctors and nutritionists who allow red meats in their famous diets?

Fatty Fishes // Fish Oil Capsules

Fatty fishes, such as wild salmon, trout, sardines, etc., are the “core foods” of “The Mijas-Diet.” Dr. Mickey tells you: “Eat salmon at least two or three times per week.” Of the five diet books (subject of the comment) can you guess which one objects to fatty fishes? Fish oil capsules are recommended by almost all of the authors. What are the benefits of fatty fishes and fish oil capsules? Dr. Mickey tells you.

Skinless Chicken

Chicken (no skin!) is good for you. Montignac maintains it does not cause any … problems. Dr. Mickey buys the largest chicken that he can find and cooks it (in a covered clay pot) with … unpeeled garlic cloves and Spanish or Italian or Greek olive oil. How long does it take to cook it at … degrees? Dr. Mickey tells you.

Desserts: Always Sugar Free

Do not eat “sugary” desserts. Sugar Busters! proscribes toxic sugar. Do you know which other book calls it “poison sugar”? Dr. Mickey tells you. Montignac recommends assorted cheeses for dessert after you have lost substantial weight. Do you know how to eat cheese? Dr. Mickey tells you.

The Miami Herald // November 19, 2002

In this eBook, Dr. Mickey quotes and cites books, journals, newspapers, etc., that contain articles concerning diet health. In the mentioned Herald, there is an article that favors Atkins. It prints: “Rather than making cholesterol soar, as they feared, the diet actually appears to improve it, and volunteers take off more weight.” ALERT Recently (March 2007), JAMA published a medical article concerning the Atkins Diet that strongly supports these findings.

The Miami Herald //May 22, 2003

This newspaper printed:
“The Atkins diet may not lead to the artery-clogging disaster that critics have long warned of …”

Lipid Blood Chemistry Profile

Every dieter must have a base profile. Every dieter must continue to have blood tests after starting any diet. ALERT Strictly, follow your doctor’s instructions.

Blood Pressure

As soon as Dr. Mickey lost 10-15 pounds of fat, his blood pressure went south to La Patagonia. “The Mijas-Diet” did its revolutionary diet health work. 

Chapter 4 // A Look Inside The Diets

Dr. Mickey writes about the five diets—especially pp. 144-147 of the Atkins Diet (the special regimen). Dr. Mickey lists “The Mijas-Diet’s” healthy foods. Dr. Mickey tells you about eggs and bacon; discusses low glycemic carbohydrates; shows you how to reach your personal carb-gram-number (needed for Stage 4). Dr. Mickey tells you that Dr. Atkins does not ban carbohydrates and much more.

“It’s an amazing health book!” Aristides Arche

Chapter 9 // Dr. Mickey’s Summation

This chapter puts it all together for you. Yes, it is repetitious, but essential to your weight loss and better health (longevity). More important, it tells you “How To Keep The Pounds From Returning.” Key: Avoid … When you reach this chapter, if you have been doing “The Mijas-Diet’s” Stages 1 and 2 – 3 (combined), you should know your “Optimal Grams Of Carbohydrates For Life.” You are skinnier and on the way to better health. (Dr. Mickey was!) Finally, Stage 4—for life.

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